Today we will speak approximately search engine optimization....

Whats is search engine optimization means? "Search Engine Optimization".

Lets say Google, you are owner of Google so what will you demand?

That if a few individual search something on google he need to get the satisfactory result.

He should get the solution for his question?

To make you understand I will begin from beginning....

There became yahoo, all people used to search on yahoo. But progressively Google gained market share.

They used their mind and made a strategy that we should make our product simple.

If you open yahoo you'll get the whole lot like commercials, news, e-mail and a small seek box.

And in Google maximum region is for search...Come, seek and you'll get the results

Being in Google we could say I actually have searched a phrase say..great digital marketing organisation in new delhi

So which corporation need to come at pinnacle? that is in actual the satisfactory

So google has some algorithm which runs and test whether it's far great or now not.

So essentially search engine marketing is of 2 types : On Page & Off Page optimization.

First shall we speak approximately on web page optimization:

On web page means what your website exactly has? If I look at it what will I get?

essentially Google has its crawlers..What are they? essentially when you register your internet site with google or link anywhere,

So the crawler is like an epidemic which keeps on searching like which link..;ets say it has opened your FB web page.

There it noticed a link named webblogtalk urls. It will cross there without delay and there he will see webblogtalk.Urls has this social handles so will cross there automatically.

It will move on spreading like this and a database could be created. This whole technique is referred to as indexing, basically it is indexing each and the whole lot.

Now lets say there may be a domain in which they promote automobiles and a totally famous site and you get good critiques of motors here.

And there they have written that gaurav is the best who will tell you which ones car you can purchase on this budget.

From there they may get to understand that is gaurav and if they provide my link too they may open and see okay thats gaurav k.

So like this if there are 10 websites which say that gaurav k do this then what will happen, authentication will increase.

So they are doing it right, gaurav k really do like that, due to the fact google is a bot don't know some thing. It has set of rules which continues on running. So being a digital marketer you need to understand your need.

So one very important element comes right here key-word studies, let's imagine you sell footwear in market.

Now you made a e-commerce website in which you promote equal shoes. 

So what will you want?

Which type of consumer land on your website? 

Who need vaseline? 


Who want shoes?

If you seek on google footwear... Then what do you see? 

Different results, Here your internet site has an area to face or no longer? Think logically can you compete with amazon or flipkart?

are you able to compete with jabong or any other large brand? No

So you have to assume strategically like what you need to do.

So you'll go to key-word planner tool that comes below google adwords.

There are many equipment about which I will inform you in detail...

so that you will move there and search shoes.

There you'll get do humans virtually search it in google?

shoes to purchase/ crimson shoes/ blue shoes/ branded footwear, etc, etc.

And you will also get to understand amount of monthly searches.

Additionally you will see ads, on every occasion you search whatever on google on pinnacle you see 3 commercials...That is essentially part of adwords.

So you need to determine how a whole lot bidding you need to do to face somewhere.

If your footwear is making that a lot profit then, its profitable to try this else no.

Lets say there's a shoe which fee Rs.450 and also you are promoting it for Rs 600.

And if its bidding is worth one hundred fifty then why will you sell it online on no earnings and no loss?

If you want to gain marketplace share you could try this but no, your logistics fee will add up too, that is simplest the advertising cost.

And this is only for click, its now not that if a person has clicked then he will purchase it too.

We will examine this later CPC CPM as we are able to pass into this course, you may get to understand approximately numerous terms.

So my point is you have to do key-word research on which you need to do your positioning.

You have determined that you have to target red buckle shoes.

So while you are making website or doing something on social media there you need to outline red buckle shoes or nice purple buckle shoes or comparable words.

So each time google will crawl it will discover that ok we get pink buckle footwear right here like this if 50 sites say this then google will say from right here handiest we get purple buckle shoes.

So beneath the advertisements are part of seo, so you can stand there.

There are many strategies, will speak approximately everything. So shall we come again to on on web page optiization.

So the content for website, you need to make it on the key-word you researched 'crimson buckle footwear'.

And always preserve one thing in mind, content is the king.

If your content material is copy pasted from any other internet site then, google will catch that.

So your authenticity will finish after that you write something, your web site will no longer get ranked.

Keep the content material unique and such that humans get price addition by analyzing that, If I am making blogs and you are not getting it..Will you examine my next post? Very much less chances...

So Thanks & Keep Original....

Written by: Gaurav

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